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Easy Soup


A healthy fast-food chain wanted an upgrade from a landing page to a fully optimized website. The solution had to synchronize retailers’ point-of-sale systems with online delivery accounts. The key features should include: a personal account, loyalty program, user-friendly food catalog, and adding to the cart.


Key Points

Industry: Service Industry

Methodology: Scrum

Team: Fullstack developer 1, QA engineer 1, Designer 1, Project Manager 1.

Technologies: Bitrix, PHP, Vuejs

Duration: 6 months


Easy Soup needed a solution to synchronize retailers’ points-of-sale system with online delivery accounts. The system had to include a website with:

  • an interactive design
  • food catalog
  • contact form
  • personal accounts
  • connection with delivery
  • loyalty program



The softvoya team improved overall website performance by:

  • integrating the payment scheme
  • implementing the loyalty program by connecting personal accounts with order history
  • unlocking the bonus point system
  • improving data management by adding the R-keeper CRM system using PHP technology providing a localized billing system.
  • united multiple retail and delivery food points

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