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Custom Mobile App Development for EFR

Custom Mobile App Development for EFR

EFR (Employees and Family Resources) specializes in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders and behavioral health issues. The client's task was to develop a mobile app that includes all social assistance services and useful materials in one place that can help people cope with life's challenges and reach their full potential in the US.


Key points

Industry: Healthcare

Methodology: Scrum

Team: Product Owner 1, Business Analyst 1, React Native Developer 1, Designer 1, Scrum Master 1, QA Engineer 1.

Technologies: React Native using the Expo platform

Duration: 1 month


The goal of the project was to create a user-friendly custom mobile app that would allow users to find useful materials and all kinds of available social help on a cell phone. Softvoya team had the following tasks:

  • Development of a mobile app based on an existing website
  • Easy and convenient navigation for users
  • Chat creation
  • Posting materials: articles, podcasts, webinars
  • Enabling an appointment form
  • Connection of push-notifications sending 
  • Multi-language (English and Spanish)



Custom mobile application development by Softvoya includes advanced technologies and optimal process of project creation:

  • UI and UX application design meets all customer requirements
  • Cross-platform development for iOS and Android platforms
  • Easy access to all materials in the application
  • Chat function with an ability to make an appointment

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