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This producer of spaceship and flight simulation equipment wanted a user friendly website to demonstrate the company's expertise. Key features should include: a catalog page with navigation, admin panel for downloading content, and a contact form with two-step authentication.


Key Points

Industry:Aerospace Industry


Team:Frontend developer 1, QA engineer 1, Designer 1, Business Analyst 1, Project Manager 1

Technologies:CMS WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS

Duration:1,5 months


The customer’s objective was to develop a user-friendly website that will demonstrate all the advantages and expertise of the company. According to the specific requirements, the task faced several challenges:

  • Every page should contain animation
  • Desktop version should have screen scroll option
  • Contact form should have 2-step authentication
  • Catalog page should have additional menu navigation
  • All the content should be uploaded through the admin panel
  • There should be two separate admin panels for two different languages



Our developers streamlined the development process by selecting the most relevant technologies:

  • The UI and UX of the website match all the customer’s requirements
  • All the pages were designed using WordPress with minimum plugins
  • We used 3-level selector forms for the contact form
  • We used preloader for quicker download of all the animations on pages
  • Catalog pages were upgraded with an additional menu

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